SCL Ingegneria Strutturale

Since 1992, we provide services and consulting in structural, civil, industrial and infrastructure engineering.
We are a dynamic and highly professional organization consisting of an Associated Firm (SCL Ingegneria Strutturale) and a Services Firm (SCL Servizi s.a.s). We run a team of collaborators and a wide network of consultants whose skills cover various areas of competence.
This enables SCL to offer turnkey projects (and Project Management) in complex and diversified areas where the interdisciplinary approach ensures high performances.

Comprehensive, with high technical skills, especially, in the following fields:
• public works;
• renovation and requalification of ancient and/or historical buildings;
• structures and equipment for industrial plants;
• seismic engineering;
• structures for logistics;
• stress analysis.

Reliable and customer oriented: our approach towards design is based on solid and constantly updated theoretical and technical skills/competences. The detailed knowledge of norms and laws is always combined with high understanding and capability in implementing them. Distinguished professionalism and aptitude to problem solving are the main characteristics we look for in our team; they are the key assets that allow SCL to succeed in getting the goals, maintaining an overall view on the various fields/areas of interest involved. SCL considers the costumer a partner and the job a shared goal.




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